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This year has been one of experimentation and new beginnings. Always looking to improve our trainings, we have branched out in separate directions in order to come back together and rework our trainings with new perspectives. While continuing to work with teachers in second language acquisition strategies, Laurie has been spending more time writing. The plan is to offer teachers a variety of narratives that can be used as vehicles for second-language acquisition and adhere to content standards. Laurie is also developing tutorials in the use of various strategies and planning to use video clips to enhance the pictures and notes.

Alva's focus has been on curriculum design and the expansion of online offerings. The emphasis has been on experimenting with the "flipped classroom" design and the use of technology as a teaching and learning tool. Using Faculte as a platform, Alva designed narrated presentations that take the place of lectures and allows teacher and students to spend the classroom time in discussion or group projects. The topics of the narrations are part of a process to train new and experienced teachers in becoming the engineers of their own teaching/learning environment. Alva and Laurie are also experimenting with the use of the ipad as a teaching and learning tool.


The most enjoyable aspect of this course was the personalized student-centric approach that allowed each member of the class to analyze and synthesize the ideas and materials to their own student population. I particularly liked the forums, and I thought they were a good form of assessment. I also enjoyed the flipped classroom. Having listened to the lecture on-line, done the reading, and coming to class prepared to discuss the subject, really made the class interesting to me.

- (UCI Student, Fall 2012)

I came from a corporate environment where almost every discussion was about maximizing profit into this class where the conversation was how best to facilitate learning to help students realize their potential. The most enjoyable elements for me were i) the community and social aspect in the classroom ii) having discussions about what we were learning and how to use in the classroom iii) when Alva shared her personal experiences and asked us about ours .

-(UCI Student, Fall 2012)

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